AC Maintenance In Burnsville, MN

AC Maintenance In Burnsville and Surrounding Areas

AC Maintenance Burnsville MNRegular AC maintenance keeps your air conditioner running at its best. It also prolongs the life of your device. There are maintenance measures you can execute on your own. You should also hire an AC service to maintain your system every spring and fall.

How to Maintain Your AC Unit

Maintenance of your device should be a regular affair. There are weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance measures. You should check the filter everyday and replace it after every 90 days. If the filter looks clogged and dark, this is a sign that it needs a replacement. Every week, you should remove leaves from the top and sides of your unit. Regularly, you need to check that your system is sitting on firm ground and that there is a 2 feet clearance space around your unit. On a monthly basis, inspect refrigerant lines and the humidifier filter. Professionals, best handle challenging aspects such as inspecting and cleaning the wiring and mechanisms of your unit. You need to involve experts in the maintenance of your system.

Benefits of System Maintenance

The benefits of preventative maintenance are many. They include extended equipment lifespan, improved air quality, and increased energy efficiency. When you maintain, you make your device to have peak performance. This will result to lower utility bills and increased savings. A poorly maintained system will affect indoor air quality. Buildup of bacteria, fungi, and pollen on the coils are dangerous for health. These buildups will trigger flu-like illnesses, asthma, running nose, and other conditions. By maintaining regularly, you facilitate a healthy and safe environment for you and your family.

Save Money

To keep your HVAC in top shape, subscribe to the annual maintenance plan of Burnsville Heating. Thousands of Minnesota homeowners trust this company. It has the most experienced, competent, and trusted AC professionals. At Burnsville, you save money through special offers, rebates, and promotions and you are guaranteed high quality AC maintenance.

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