The most important step you can take to keep your heating and cooling equipment running at peak performance is proper maintenance. This means cleaning or replacing your filter monthly, or as specified by your installing contractor, and having annual maintenance done by a professional HVAC contractor.

Some manufacturers feel so strongly about the importance of annual maintenance that they are declining warranty coverage when obvious neglect of system maintenance is observed. Also many extended warranty plans are requiring documentation of annual maintenance for acceptance of coverage. You would not think of driving your car without changing the oil or other essential fluids as specified by the car manufacturer, well, your heating and cooling systems are no different.

BHAC Maintenance & Safety Plan

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Burnsville Heating provides maintenance visits to hundreds of Twin Cities homeowners each year.

The most popular choice among our customers is a 2 visit a year plan to keep both your furnace and air conditioner running at peak performance for only $179. By choosing this 1 year combination maintenance plan, you will receive added benefits including a 15% discount on repair service, 24 hour emergency heating service with no overtime charge and a 5% discount on a replacement furnace or a/c.

If you have a humidifier or air exchanger in need of maintenance, they can be added to your visit at an additional charge.

You also have the option of purchasing your furnace or air conditioning visits individually at the rate of $99 per visit.

Burnsville Heating & AC also performs maintenance on the “Terrace Buildings” in Chanhassen, Maple Grove, and Maplewood. Due to the differences in equipment and maintenance procedures, the pricing is different from our traditional maintenance visits. Please call for prices.

Call (952) 894-0005 or send email today to schedule your BHAC Maintenance & Safety Check.