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Products Offered by Burnsville Heating & Air Conditioning

Burnsville Heating & Air Conditioning has a range of products that will help create long-lasting comfort in your home. We provide only the best products in the industry to ensure you get the quality you deserve. Our products come from the highest-ranking companies, promising durability, longevity, and peace of mind. It can be a difficult task finding the right product for your home, but with our help and products you can count on, you won’t have to spend more time than necessary deciding what you need. From furnaces and air conditioners to filters, thermostats and humidifiers, we have the best choices available. Choose from our collection of products and your home will provide you with comfort for years to come.


Filters and Humidifier Pads

Changing your furnace filter and humidifier pad is key to keeping your system in peak running order. We carry a wide variety of sizes in stock for your convenience, we even offer shipping!
Click here to see our inventory of filters and humidifier pads.


Indoor Air Quality Products

Home comfort is about more than just temperature…it’s about maintaining a healthy home environment.
Click here to see how you can improve your indoor air quality.



Whether you need a basic heat/cool stat or one you can control on the go from your smart phone, we have them all.
Click here to see what thermostat is right for you.


Total Home Comfort

Keeping your home comfortable takes more than just a furnace and humidifier, that’s why we offer products to bring you total home comfort. From garage heaters to zone systems, we have exactly what you need to keep every room in your home comfortable no matter what season.
Click here to see what products are available to provide your family total home comfort.


Furnace and Air Conditioning Replacement Units

With top of the line equipment and multiple manufacturers to choose from, we have exactly what you need to ensure reliability, increase efficiency and fit within any budget.
Click here to see what replacement options are available.