Thermostats In West Burnsville Parkway

Thermostats In West Burnsville Parkway and Surrounding Areas

We have come a long way since the old round mercury model thermostats that were frequently 3 to 8 degrees off of the correct temperature. Today’s digital models are rarely off by only 1 degree. Most have larger display screens that light up making setting and reading temperatures quick and easy.

For those people who enjoy simple controls a basic digital non-programmable model with only 4 buttons may be just right.

  1. Mode: Heat or Cool
  2. Fan: On or Auto
  3. Temperature Up
  4. Temperature Down

Electronic thermostats are also available in programmable setup versions which add more savings in your energy costs

  1. Many people have regular weekly schedules and a 5 + 1 + 1 programmable thermostat may be just what they are looking for.
    • Monday through Friday settings (5)
    • Separate Saturday (1) and Sunday (1) Settings
  2. People who work in a technical environment, where Touch Screen Technology is used on the job daily, a 7 day touch Screen product may be more comfortable
    • Most offer 7 day individual programmability
    • They have easy to use tabs that are menu driven
    • A growing number of products are also WiFi compatible and can be controlled with your computer or smartphone

For total indoor comfort to be controlled at 1 location, an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) product will take the guess work out of your home comfort settings. In addition to temperature, these controls have humidistats built in and can control your humidity levels during winter and summer months. This is accomplished by;

  1. Controlling Heat settings
  2. Controlling Cooling settings
  3. Controlling a Humidifier
  4. Controlling an Air Exchanger

With the help of wireless technology, thermostats can now be moved to another location in the home without having to damage walls to run wires. This wireless technology can also be used for outdoor temperature sensors that can assist the equipment in your home to provide the best comfort level possible, and… let you know just how cold it is during our Minnesota Winters!