3 Steps You Must Take To Install Your New AC

We highly recommend that you kill every instinct you may have to watch a YouTube video and install any air conditioning unit by yourself! This type of job is not like installing new flooring, wallpaper, or an ice cube dispenser as air conditioner units are much more complicated. Our team here at Burnsville Heating & Air Conditioning have to undergo rigorous training and education just like a doctor or lawyer has to in order to do their jobs correctly. I mean, you do want someone well qualified handling the parts of your home that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, right? So now that we’ve got you here looking for air conditioning installation in Burnsville, MN let’s take a quick look at the steps you must take to get this important job done right.

Inspect Your Home To Pick The Right Size

There are so many different types of air conditioning units out there of all sizes that are bound to be right for your house or apartment, but it’s extremely necessary to have a professional inspect your space. Why should we do this? Because we need to look at the condition of your duct work and see what units will be compatible and which will not be. We need to look at your floor plan and see what unit will be powerful enough to cool the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you have. And then we want to consult with you to see how efficient of a unit that you’ll need for your home.

Choose The Brand That’ll Meet Your Efficiency Needs

Your Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is a metric that we use to see how much energy a specific type of unit needs to cool your home. Most brands have come a long way to produce units that’ll be kinder to the environment as well as your pocketbook, but the more efficient the unit the pricier it could be. Our technicians work with these units and others of all sorts so we can recommend the appropriate unit for your home. Some units will have a lot more power than you’ll need, while others will not be efficient for your home though they are a universally respected brand.

Hire A Top Quality HVAC Technician

If this process is starting to sound complicated and like it’ll be too much effort, then that’s natural. We want to help you make the best possible decisions and get the best air conditioning installation in Burnsville, MN that you can because it’s going to need to last you a long time. When you hire Burnsville Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to do this work, you’ll be getting the full package and we will help you navigate every single step we just outlined. We’ll help you choose the right unit, then get it installed, and then perform regular maintenance on it if you need us to. Just give us a call at (952) 894-0005 to get started!