HVAC and allergies; know when to change an air filter

With fall temperatures right around the corner, and a whole new type of allergens in your home and air, what can you do to keep your family comfortable? Routine furnace and air conditioning maintenance can help ease the discomfort and bring your home back to the safe sanctuary it was intended to be.

While many fall allergens are caused by weeds and mold, the majority of indoor allergens are caused by conditions found within the home. Dust collects in your home’s air ducts and then gets distributed throughout each room of your home each time your HVAC system runs. Routine maintenance on the HVAC system can improve this by removing the dust from your air conditioner, air handler or furnace blower motor.

One of the first things to consider if you want to improve the air quality in your home is upgrading your air filter. By upgrading the Merv rating of your filter to that of a 11 or greater, you will ensure that even the smallest particles of dust, pollen, mold and bacteria are filtered out.

If you’re looking to purchase a better quality air filter, or need to know what other options you have, let the experts at Burnsville Heating and Air Conditioning assist you and bring better comfort to your home.