5 Tips to Keep Your Basement Warm This Winter

Updated: July 02, 2024

As we head into November, it feels like autumn is already coming to a close. If you’re trying to prepare for the long, cold road ahead, you’ve probably taken all the necessary precautions for keeping your home’s main living areas warm and cozy for the family. But what about your basement?

For many, the basement becomes a cold, storage area that you rarely visit during the winter months, but as more and more homeowners are renovating their lower levels to make additional bedrooms, living spaces, game room, or even a mini bar for entertaining, it’s essential to know how to heat a basement in the winter properly.

How to Warm Up Your Cold Basement

1.) Check Your Insulation

While your basement may already include some insulation, there may be additional areas that require more. Adding insulation by “framing-in” your basement using drywall, if your walls are currently made of stone or cinder block.

2.) Consider New Windows

Appalachian Power recommends replacing your old windows for several reasons: (1) if your window panes are cracked, they can easily let in cold air, making it difficult to keep your home warm; (2) replacing your windows with energy-efficient windows can keep your basement warmer, and save you money on your monthly heating bill.

3.) Seal Any Cracks or Leaks

This may sound like a no-brainer, but even the smallest cracks or gaps in the rim joists and headers can let in frigid winter air. Pros recommend using caulk to seal gaps less than ¼ inch and spraying foam for any crack from ¼ inch to 3 inches in size.

4.) Invest in a Thermal Camera

If you notice your basement is still cold, but you can’t find any cracks or gaps, use a thermal camera or detector to identify those problem areas.

5.) Add Heating Vents

Given that heat rises, installing vents in your basement will help keep your basement warm, as well as your entire home.

Prepare Your AC for Winter with Burnsville Heating and Air Conditioning

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