What to check before calling a professional

Your furnace goes out and it’s cold outside, the first thing you want to do is call for help. Sometimes it takes hours to get a service technician out to a home during the most extreme temps, so save yourself the potential hassle of a service call, and get heat to your home immediately by trying some of these suggestions. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call in a professional.

  • Is your thermostat set to “heat” or “cool”?
  • Is your thermostat set higher than the room temperature?
  • Does your thermostat need new batteries?
  • Is your furnace switch on? (this should be found near your furnace and looks like a light switch)
  • Is your breaker on?
  • Is your furnace filter dirty?
  • Is your air conditioner clear of lawn clippings, dirt, and debris?