Fair Pricing: Emergency Air Conditioning Installation

There’s very little you can do if your AC breaks down and when this comes with faults, electrical and mechanical issues it’s important you have a local company on hand to assist you. At Burnsville, your safety and comfort are our business – at least when it comes to your air conditioner! We understand why a lot of homeowners don’t want to take out maintenance and emergency plans due to the expense or just lack of planning, but when trouble strikes suddenly you wish you did and in the instances you don’t have full home insurance and damage cover, you can rely on us to fit you with a new air conditioner quickly to keep costs down and minimize further issues. A lot of people worry that the expense of an emergency call out won’t cover getting their needs attended to immediately. If you come to us for an emergency AC repair or installation in Burnsville MN as long as you’re happy to proceed with our services following our initial assessment, we’ll do our utmost to get things back and running as soon as possible.

To put your mind at ease, we’ve detailed some of the costs and processes our expert HVAC technicians follow in emergency circumstances, giving you a professional service at an affordable price.

Paying For The Product

Now the first thing you’ll need to consider is how much you can afford to spend on a new air conditioner given that you weren’t planning on purchasing one. It’s fine if you have no idea whatsoever, we understand this is a stressful time for you and that’s why we’re here. On call out, our contractor will assess your needs based on a few simple questions after inspecting your old unit. If you need a central air system, on average homeowners reported in 2016 paying $2700 – $4500 with variation based on property size and product spec. If this seems high don’t panic! We looked into the stats for the Burnsville area and compared them to our prices to ensure you get the best possible deal. For a new unit as part of an emergency AC installation in Burnsville, MN we are pleased to inform you that prices are usually around $2500-$3000 and this is before additional discounts have been applied to the total cost. Other systems come out cheaper, your emergency technician will help you make the right decision to ensure you reap the benefits of a premium air conditioner for years to come.

Most air conditioner installations take no more than half a day, if you do call us out in the middle of the night, we can secure your home particularly if you have a split system with heating components, it’s important the unit is completely shut off to avoid power and water overflow. Your technician can go through all the product choices and reasons for their recommendations, as well as looking at all the technical and financial aspects and then either pick up your new unit from our base or visit one of our distributors first thing in the morning if an early booking slot suits you, if not we can return in the afternoon if you have other responsibilities during the day.

Installation and Emergency Fees

Installation in the local area usually costs homeowners between $1300 – $1700. While emergency calls are more expensive than a standard call out due to demand, we offer this at a fixed rate 24/7 with no compromises in the service you’ll receive based on the time of day you need us. At Burnsville, we apply discounts to the total cost of your AC installation rather than giving you a percent off each component to give you bigger savings and a reliable service, all day every day.

Contact us on 952-894-0005 when you need immediate assistance with your air conditioning.