Tips To Boost Efficiency Of Your Heating & Cooling Equipment

The components of your heating & cooling equipment such as air filters, fans, and coils require constant maintenance for the heating and cooling unit to function optimally for the better part of its useful life. Ignoring basic maintenance will guarantee low performance and increase the energy consumption in your home. Here are some of the tips on air conditioner tune-ups:

Air conditioner filters

Replacing and cleaning filters is a basic routine maintenance that will ensure efficiently functioning air conditioning equipment. Filters full of debris will block easy flow of air and reduce the efficiency of the unit. Obstruction of airflow causes dirty air to enter the evaporator coils and damage the heat-absorbing capacity of the equipment. Simple cleaning of the clogged filters will lower energy uptake by up to 15 percent.

If you are using central air conditioners, the filters are positioned right along the length of the duct. In other types of units, the filters are in furnaces, walls, ceilings or in-built. For room air conditioners, the filters are usually mounted in the grills that directly face the room being targeted. Some units have reusable filters while others are replaceable. Filters are available in various types and different efficiency rates. It is recommended to clean or replace your filters after every month or two in a season. The period taken before replacing or cleaning the filters will depend on the extent of use and the dust conditions in your home.

Compressor and Condenser Coils

Evaporator coils and condenser coils accumulate dirt and debris over time. Clean filters will protect the coils from collecting dirt and clogging quickly. However, over time, the coils will continue to gather dirt. The dirt collected insulates the compressor and condenser coils and reduces the airflow, which impairs with its ability to absorb heat. Dust fur-bearing pets, mowers and tree leaves are the potential sources of dirt and debris that gets into the filters. Cleaning the environment around the air conditioners, especially where the coils are located will increase airflow and reduce the chances of burning the coils due to clogging.

Occasionally, you will need to check for any noises in your heating & cooling equipment to ensure that your unit is operating within the factory efficiency levels.