5 Things Homeowners Should Know about the HVAC Supply Chain Issues

If you’ve turned on the news for any length of time lately, you’ve heard about increasing prices for many industries caused by supply chain shortages. Our current challenges with the supply chain in general started with COVID-19 and haven’t improved since then. From the auto industry to the HVAC industry, companies are navigating supply chain shortages which can affect you – the consumer. So if you’ve heard about these issues and are wondering how the current HVAC supply chain challenges can affect you, then keep reading as we detail the 5 things you need to know. 

1. Why Now?

Most experts point to the spread of COVID-19 as the start of our supply chain woes. As COVID-19 spread throughout the world, lockdowns were issued and many manufacturers were forced to stop production. At the same time, workers from every industry were forced to stay at home and consumers used this time to shop online. Shipping companies underestimated the demand that arose as more and more of us shopped online. Limited shipping lane options combined with a decrease in manufacturing, we’ve developed a supply chain shortage that can’t keep up. 

2. The impact to the HVAC industry

While the supply chain shortages are affecting a variety of industries, the HVAC industry has been affected. Equipment, parts, and raw materials are in short supply. This includes everything from the parts you would think of in a repair like compressors and motors all the way to the raw materials like copper and steel to manufacture new AC and furnace units. The increased demand for parts is leading to increased prices for replacement and service, and in some cases labor shortages and availability for appointments. 

3. Longer wait times

Whether you are ready to replace your AC to get ready for the dog days of summer or have a breakdown that needs a little fixing, homeowners should expect longer wait times for appointments and parts.  One way to avoid the headache of having to wait when you really need a service technician is to schedule your maintenance now. HVAC companies offer regular preventative maintenance and inspections to help you avoid emergencies and costly repairs. Simply scheduling a routine inspection can help you weather the current supply chain storm. 

4. Shop early and avoid the headache

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your HVAC system, the best plan will be to shop early. HVAC companies across the nation are experiencing delays in getting equipment which means more wait times for you. Get proactive when you’re ready to replace by shopping early instead of waiting until your unit breaks down. No one wants a broken AC during the heat of summer. 

5. Give your HVAC system some love

While you’re waiting for your next maintenance check, there are some simple things you can do at home to extend the life of your equipment. Be sure to change out your air filters monthly, keep your unit clean, and go easy on your system by turning it down a notch in the heat of summer or for those bitterly cold days. 


Navigating a supply chain shortage is never fun. Armed with these 5 things to know will help you shop smarter and keep your system running smoothly all year long.