Keep your home cool without breaking the bank

Piggy bank being broken with a hammerAlthough the unbearable heat of a Minnesota summer comes and goes pretty quickly, it can be difficult  to keep your home cool without spending a lot of money. The next time the Twin Cities gets a heat wave, try these tips to keep your home cooler without breaking the bank.

Keep your blinds and shades closed. Windows let in a great deal of heat during the day when window coverings aren’t used. If you’re going to be gone for the day, or even just a few hours, keep your window coverings closed to block out any unnecessary heat.

Avoid heat generating appliances. Be mindful of appliances that give off a lot of heat in your home such as the stove/oven. If you can avoid using the appliance during the warmest part of the day, your AC won’t need to work overtime to compensate for the additional heat.

If you have a fan, use it. While a fan won’t actually change the air temperature in a room, it will circulate air making you feel cooler. However once you leave the room, turn off the fan so you aren’t spending money to keep it running without the room being occupied.