What is the best temperature to set my thermostat to while I’m away for the winter?

Digital thermostatMinnesota winters can be brutal, which is why many residents consider themselves “snow birds” and  flock to a warmer climate. Others just need to escape the cold and snow and travel somewhere warm with their families.

One common question we get asked by all you snow birds and winter vacationers is what temperature should your thermostat be set to while you’re away? Our expert service technicians strongly recommend you do not set your thermostat below 60 degrees.

By placing your thermostat settings below 60 degrees, it causes the furnace to cycle for shorter periods of time, not allowing the condensate to escape the exhaust pipe, causing ice build-up. When the ice build-up occurs, it won’t allow your furnace to run causing a “no heat” situation which can result in some pretty costly repairs to not only your furnace, but if the house gets cold enough, it could cause your pipes to burst.

So unless you’re a risk taker and plan to roll the dice, before you fly (or drive) south, put your thermostat on a 60 degree holding temp for the winter.