Central Air Conditioning: The Perfect Solution for Your Home

It certainly feels like summer gets a little hotter each year, making that noisy, drippy air conditioner more and more annoying as it churns harder and harder to cool you down to a comfortable temperature. Why not yank out that old piece of junk and replace it with a quiet whole house central air conditioning system?

It’s easy during the winter months to convince yourself that the summer won’t be so bad. You are probably even looking forward to those warmer months right now, while you are all bundled up. Especially if you don’t have ducts, it’s easy to think about central air conditioning as a costly, lengthy process that you keep putting off until you have forgotten about it, and you are suddenly sweltering again.

The Perfect Solution

Don’t let that happen yet again! It’s far easier and inexpensive than you think to solve this problem now and have a cool and comfortable summer this year. If you have a forced-air heating system, getting central air conditioning installation in Lakeville, MN should only cost $3500 to $4000, and can quickly be done by two technicians in two to three days, with little to no change to the ductwork you already have. If you have a house that needs ducts, the cost and time can double, but if the person knows what they are doing, they can do some very clever retrofitting, hiding ductwork behind walls, in the attic, or inside closets with very few cuts into walls or ceilings, which makes very little mess.

Contractor Basics

Make sure your contractor starts out by doing a heat-gain calculation. A sign that your contractor knows what they are doing is that they begin by performing an Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J Load calculation. This process figures out exactly what heat gain your home is subject to. It’s a fairly easy calculation to figure out, and gives you the exact size air conditioning unit you need. If you find a contractor that says they know what kind of unit you need based solely on their experience, move on and find a more reputable contractor.

Several factors can affect what size unit your house needs. The type of wall and attic insulation you have, the types and locations of your doors and windows, and the side of your home that faces the sun can all play parts in determining the exact size air conditioning unit you need. In addition, the calculation can help figure out what kinds of insulation you need and exactly where they should be located. You can make your home far more energy efficient and reduce your power bills by making your home more energy efficient from the beginning.

Your contractor will use the heat-gain calculation to recommend a specific air-conditioner size specific to your home, so you don’t burn too much energy cooling down your home.

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