Are Furnace Maintenance Checks Really Necessary?

The short answer…absolutely! Even if you routinely replace your furnace’s air filters or your current heating system is fairly new, hiring a skilled HVAC technician to perform an annual inspection can be the difference between enjoying a cozy winter or having costly heating bills.

Why is Annual Furnace Maintenance Important?

Many of us understand the importance of preventative maintenance. For example, you take your kids to the dentist twice a year for preventative care, and it’s likely you have your vehicle’s oil changed and tires rotated regularly to avoid expensive repairs. The same applies to preventative care for your home furnace. Annual, preseason maintenance gives you peace of mind and also saves you from the stress and financial strain of an unexpected HVAC repair—or worse, a broken furnace during the colder months of the year. Routine maintenance also ensures that your home’s indoor air conditions are cleaner and void of dust particles and germs that can cause allergies, colds, or upper-respiratory infections.

The truth is you’ll spend significantly less time and money on annual furnace maintenance than you would on a major HVAC repair. In fact, your chances of having an expensive furnace repair will decrease by more than 95% when you perform maintenance checks on your heating system.

Next Steps for Furnace Maintenance:

Below is a list of ways you can perform annual maintenance on your heating system to ensure it’s ready for the long winter ahead:

  • Inspect the coils of your device on a regular basis
  • Clear debris from your unit routinely
  • Replace the air filter every three months
  • Replace your carbon monoxide detector battery every year
  • Schedule an inspection with your local heating and air conditioning company

To ensure your winter season is cozy and your home’s air is top quality—without spending a fortune each month—contact Burnsville Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. We offer competitive furnace maintenance services and HVAC repair services throughout the Twin Cities. We also provide professional furnace tune ups and installation on top heating and cooling systems in the country, so you can relax and enjoy the comforts of home with the family again!

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