Breathe Easy This Season with Tips from Your Burnsville HVAC Experts

As the temperature continues to drop, it’s likely you and your loved ones are spending most of this winter season indoors. And although your residential heating system feels cozy and warm, the fact is it may be spreading harmful allergens and toxins into the air you’re breathing.

Quality indoor air is essential to your family’s health and wellness. It protects your lungs from irritation and infections; reduces headaches, allergies, and fatigue; and prevents illnesses caused by bacteria in the air.

As you plan to spend the next few months indoors, with the heat turned up, our Burnsville HVAC experts wanted to share a few ways you can promote better breathing conditions, as well as a comfortable home environment all season long.

How To Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality:

Routinely Clean Your HVAC System: Keeping your residential HVAC system properly cleaned and maintained is the first step to breathing cleaner indoor air. It’s recommended that you inspect and clean your HVAC system annually to prevent germs and other contaminants from being released inside your home. In addition, air duct cleaning should be performed every 3 years. This helps prevent any buildup of dust and debris from polluting your oxygen.

Invest in a Quality Air Purifier: Installing air filters in your home is another effective way to reduce the spread of mold spores, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants. Air purifiers help trap common airborne allergens and are typically smaller devices, which makes them easier to move around your home. There are many types of air purifiers from which to choose. You may want to consult with our professional HVAC experts to ensure you invest in the right product that offers your home the best value.

Add UV Light to Your HVAC System: UVGI, or ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, uses a specific type of ultraviolet light, containing germicidal properties. This helps remove airborne pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, and mold. The germicidal properties inactivate tiny organisms in the air by breaking down their nucleic acid and stopping their cellular functions. Adding UV light to your HVAC system can also improve airflow and reduce energy costs.

Breathe easier in time for the new year with Burnsville Heating and Air Conditioning! Contact us today to schedule an annual cleaning with your local HVAC experts and to find out more about our indoor air quality services and selection of affordable products. We’ll help you make the right investment for your residential space. And our team will help you save money this winter on all your heating expenses.