Need Furnace Replacement?

When winter sets out, there is nothing as important as having a properly functioning furnace. If your furnace is old or breaks down frequently, replace it. Luckily, Burnsville Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc installs top furnace brands. With many years of service, be sure to get the best furnace ahead of the winter season. Our services also include: air conditioning, indoor air quality, thermostats, air purifiers and filters. When looking for furnace replacement in Burnsville, Lakeville and surrounding areas, contact us. Consider the following tips if you choose to replace your furnace.

Furnace type

You have the option of choosing a split or packaged heating system. The split system is a conventional type that is suitable for homes with attics, crawl spaces and basements. To avoid the big space that a split system consumes, opt for a packaged heating system. It provides the same heat as the split only that it houses the heating and cooling unit in one component placed outdoors. When making a switch from one furnace to another, consult with us to get well informed.

Efficiency rating

The efficiency of your furnace will definitely affect your monthly utility bill. For this reason, go for highly efficient furnaces. The minimum you should expect is 80% according to Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency regulations. On that count, choose the units with an AFUE as high as 97%. This means that only a very small percentage of fuel escapes up the chimney.


Furnaces that are either bigger or smaller directly affects your home comfort. An over-sized system may overheat your home while a smaller one may not provide enough heat. The good thing is we visit your home and provide you with a free quote on the correct furnace size. Using our manual J calculation, we ascertain the correct sizing considering your home’s size in square feet as well as window efficiency. For all your heating and cooling needs, call us today and schedule an appointment.